Offline mail and calendar – the future

It must really suck to be an entrepreneur in an area where one of the competitors might just be Google, depending on whether they put their minds to it.
Scrybe looks really nice, but while they will be trying to lure enough users for a business model, along the way trying to figur out what that business model might be, Google will just solve the problem themselves, offline emailing too. The way Google has spawned little ideas, all financed and networked around the ad-model, it really puts a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs to think their ideas further than they had to in the past. Sure, a good product is at the core but nowadays one has to make sure that the idea is more than just a stonethrow away from Google’s interests.

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What’s wrong with Germany?

A while back a post by Richard Edelman concerning the invest-in-germany-campaign managed to inspire a couple of bloggers to unite, feel inspired and turning active. Today is the first meeting at Frankfurt Zoo and sadly I cannot make it.
However, reading today’s media I can only say: We have got to hurry up!
Yesterday the Fifa World Cup finally started and the German team upped Costa Rica 4:2. And there were some cheers. But mostly I am hearing. Oh my God, the defense, the coach, the goalie. And the world famous: “Against other opponents we will not prevail playing like this.” Now mind you, I have nothing against objective reporting, but, hello, the team won! And regarding playing against other opponents. We will not play like this against other opponents, because they are other opponents to begin with. Different strategy, maybe even different line-up.
This may sound funny, but I feel a bit sad for the team which won and this victory should stand for what it is. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

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German bloggers answer to Richard Edelman’s challenge

It’s a small step for the German blogosphere…
well, we shall see where this is going.

Bjoern, Edelman employee in the Frankfurt office in Germany, pointed to Richard Edelman’s Germany Redux post from Friday and over Monday, a small group of German bloggers took the challenge to heart and within close to 100 comments initiated a project aimed to right the ship, namely to communicate Germany in a more sensible way.
Most likely, we (Bjoern, Patrick, Björn, Rainer, Sebastian, I, and YOU ) will meet in Frankfurt and see where it goes from there.
Web 2.0, a breeding ground for empowered citizens.

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30boxes module for Google homepage

I am playing around with 30 boxes at the moment, looking for an online solution since I am on various machines at the moment. I thought it would be perfect if I could integrate this with my google homepage, having calendar and gmail at a glance. However, the 30 boxes RSS feed just gets you newly entered items, like you would expect of RSS (well, or at least after thinking about it). Paul Russell apperently had the same problem and coded a module which works like a charm (and is configurable). Thanks a lot.

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