What’s wrong with Germany?

A while back a post by Richard Edelman concerning the invest-in-germany-campaign managed to inspire a couple of bloggers to unite, feel inspired and turning active. Today is the first meeting at Frankfurt Zoo and sadly I cannot make it.
However, reading today’s media I can only say: We have got to hurry up!
Yesterday the Fifa World Cup finally started and the German team upped Costa Rica 4:2. And there were some cheers. But mostly I am hearing. Oh my God, the defense, the coach, the goalie. And the world famous: “Against other opponents we will not prevail playing like this.” Now mind you, I have nothing against objective reporting, but, hello, the team won! And regarding playing against other opponents. We will not play like this against other opponents, because they are other opponents to begin with. Different strategy, maybe even different line-up.
This may sound funny, but I feel a bit sad for the team which won and this victory should stand for what it is. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

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