Yahoo: Biggest search enginge or best?

“It’s not our goal to be No. 1 in Internet search. We would be very happy to maintain our market share.”

This quote is from Yahoo CFO Susan Decker and created a lot of buzz, even among Yahoo-employees who said that Yahoo is not giving up on search. Dave Taylor (via FIR) reminds us to read closely. Decker didn’t say that Yahoo is giving up on search. She just said, that it’s not the main goal to become no. 1. Huge difference obviously. Taylor gives Apple as one example. They are the best (oh you know they are) but  do not have the highest market share.

Computer nightmare?

Not quite, though close. Monday night I tried to connect to the server of my agency and the computer quit on me. Fine, reboot, well, no. “Fatal hard drive failure. Please exchange.” I tried to back-up, but you can guess, to no avail. To my dismay actually, since I had pushed backing-up to the end of my list for a considerably amount of weeks. (I learned my lesson, don’t worry.)

Tuesday featured a meeting with a client and on the way to Dortmund I called my office in Hamburg to find out the closest Mac support. Before lunch break I had a service appointment scheduled for noon the next day, they even sent me the route via e-mail.
I arrived at NewCompetence’s offices on time, they took my 12” Powerbook to the shop, gave me coffee, water, and a Mac mini to work with. The hard drive exchange (including loading up the OS) took three hours during which I worked the phones with insurance and clients.

I realise that this is not really a reason why Mac machines are better than Dell, but of course everything is about your service experience.
NewCompetence made me feel like I was a customer they value, not one who was disrupting their day. From the guy who took my call and made sure he had a person in the work shop ready just for me, to the lady at the reception who let me use her fax machine and got me coffee – they knew I was suffering inside because my laptop was broken and acted like it was their duty to help me out of this funk. Mind you, I was a first-time customer there, though certainly not last-time. Next in line is a back-up drive…