There is a learning curve in a loss

So the NHL season is over. Once again a team won that was close to winning before but didn’t quite make it the first time around. Anaheim disposed of Ottawa in just five games – Ottawa, while performing better than in the dissapointing past, might have needed this loss to put the players in a position to really go to the mattresses next year.
You could apply this to entrepreneurship, I have often heard that many successful entrepreneurs have had one or two ideas that failed before hitting it right. But you could also start with your everyday business life. There is the presentation you had to blow before knowing how to do it. Or the abismal sales pitches to find out, how to get potential customers to buy your product. Or even the burned turkey before the grand Thanksgiving party.
So while I would not bet on the Ottawa Senators being the next Stanley Cup champions, I would not bet against them next spring.

On a side note: For the past five days, Joost is telling me that there is a server problem and asking for my patience. But moreover, how stupid can you be and announce an NHL-partnership during the play-offs without delivering it right then? Why not announce this four weeks before the start of the new season and increase user numbers then? I found myself jumping up and down and then immediately checking Google Video… Not the reaction you want from your customers.

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More room in your garbage can

Whenever the time between posts reaches a certain length (in this case more than 10 days) I get weary about posting something especially insightful or the perfect link. Today I have this little video that shows how to get more out of your garbage can. I could argue this to be a garbage hack, perfectly suited for Lifehacker, or that I am saving the ecology with this trick.
Instead I christened it “garbage origami”.


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Find the Cluetrain author – puzzle picture

While there has been some controversy about the interpretation of one The Cluetrain’s main theses, “Markets are Conversations”, among PR-, advertising- and other specialists in the German blogosphere last week, I now have my own interpretation.

When looking at the Cluetrain recently, I saw that David Weinberger wasn’t listed as an author.

I guess those are the troubles when your last name begins with a letter from the end of the alphabet. Anyhow, my interpretation of the above mentioned thesis was to contact Mr. Weinberger again, who confirmed that not only was his name printed on the cover, but also he did co-author the book. He deduced that my German might be better than his so I contacted only to be answered that there is a correction-link on every article’s page. Indeed there was and here is the result.

Well, now I can finally turn to Everything is Miscellaneous which has been waiting on my desk for almost a week now.

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New Episode of Video Podcast online, intro NOT by Ask a Ninja ;-)

In an effort to totally alienate those of you who read more than one of my blogs, I will repost the most recent episode of The Speaking English Podcast. If you are annoyed, please send all hate-mail to C.C. Chapman, he is responsible.

In this special episode I answer a listener’s question, ask for video feedback and imitate Ask a Ninja, maybe he’ll kill me like he killed Jason. (by the way Jason, the Google 15-Widget works great, just the weight isn’t going down…)

Why is CC responsible? Because he always preaches to leverage your brand, get out there, be vocal, mash up. That’s what I am doing. You should check out CC’s Podcamp NYC presentation and get inspired.

My revver-proceeds for this month go to podcast/video/blog producer Tim whose gear has been stolen last week.

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Knut: How do I explain this to my clients?

Germany is a funny country. Actually, this is the wrong word, but German readers will understand. What I meant is “curious”. And due to this fact, an icepolar bear saved from death, named Knut, has been occupying the headlines for a week now. True, after five days it is mostly the boulevard covering the daily steps of the oh-so-cute bear, but last weekend he was all over the news. Primetime  evening news, frontpage picture of almost every newspaper, live coverage of his first steps in “freedom” on n-tv and N24, Germany’s equivalents to CNN.
While, thanks to whoever responsible, it did not happen to me this time around, I cannot imagine how I would explain this to my clients. Naturally, in the planning of an event/press conference you explain to them, “well, if something unexpected happens, your news could not get covered” (assuming you actually have “news”). However, one usually has the surprising outsourcing of 10000 workers at a stock-noted company in mind, international crises, or natural disasters.
So how do you explain to your clients that their news was not covered because a saved icepolar bear looks cuter on TV? And what does it say about the German news landscape? Is old media already so close to death that infotainment is the only way to go?

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