GOAB – so könnte TV gucken mal aussehen

Konzeptstudien darüber wie das Erlebnis “Fernsehen” in der Zukunft mal aussehen könnte gibt es inzwischen viele. Da war mal die Settop-Box plus Fernbedienung und man würde chatten, es gab programmabhängiges Chatten wie z.B. mit Telewebber und vieles mehr. Ein Vögelchen hat mir GOAB in die Inbox gelegt, dabei geht es um kontextuelle Verlängerung des Fernsehbilds. Häh? Guckst Du:

Klar, all diese Konzepte sind spannend, und der geneigte Leser denkt, “das findet er gut weil Eishockey drin vorkommt”.
Ja, auch.

Aber die Kontextualität ist entscheidend. Nicht das ausweichen auf Wikipedia oder (Stichwort Eishockey) NHL.com oder GetGlue sondern die Einbindung dieser Plattformen in die App. Natürlich stellt sich dabei dann schnell die Frage nach dem Geschäftsmodell – nicht nur die App wird Geld kosten sondern auch die Partner müssen irgendwie entlohnt werden, wenn Nutzer eben nicht mehr NHL.com oder GetGlue besuchen (wo sie Werbung sehen). Hier bietet sich vielleicht der klassische Weg des Kapitalismus an: ich möchte eine Ware haben, also zahle ich dafür.

Ich würd’s tun.

NHL Play-offs 2009: my predictions for round 1

In case you care: the following are the tipps I just entered in the eishockey.com online pool, for the 10th year in a row I think…

Ducks – Sharks: 2-4
A Scott Niedermeyer on a roll is not enough, the Sharks just have too much against it.

Blue Jackets – Red Wings: 0-4
Let’s call a spade a spade. Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part, but the Blue Jackets are first-timers and just not as good. Hard games, one-goal games. But still.

Blues – Canucks: 1-4
See above, but I think the Mason will steal one for the Blues. I am not a big Sundin fan but it will be Luongo carrying this team to the next round.

Flames – Blackhawks: 4-2
Upset, because the Bulin Wall won’t be enough. Maybe they go down 0-1 and 1-2, but in the end experience should persevere.

Canadiens – Bruins: 1-4
Just a feeling. No 5th gear the Habs can shift into.

Rangers – Capitals: 2-4
How I wish the Rangers would win this, but Gomez was never a superstar and Drury didn’t carry the teams on his own. He came through, but I think this is too hard. The dead line acquisitions, I don’t know. Maybe it does work. But the Caps are really strong, payed their dues last year and are destined for more.

Hurricanes – Devils: 2-4
Again, I wish Shanahan would get another shot, but he chose location over chances. Normally I don’t bet against Brodeur, but I think the long pause might have hurt his play.

Flyers – Penguins: 2-4
I see the problem in Philly’s goal and the strength in Pittsburgh’s middle. Defensively, both are no Red Wings defense.

Best of slideshare: Speaking English Podcast Media Kit

UPDATE: Apparently, this was an April fool’s joke. Went down really well with me. Still laughing. #not

I just got an email from slideshare informing me that the media kit for the Speaking English Podcast received a lot of views in the last 24 hours. Apparently so, for some reason it has 70.000 views. If you are interested I could let you know that in the last 5 months alone 370.000+ additional views were gathered. So Rackspace, Sony, Seagate, Apple, Flip Mino, where are you when needed?
Anyhow, I am happy so many people are checking it out, maybe a hint that I should update it…

Here it is for a quick view