Report Card for March/April 2009

I think I should continue to call me out on how I perform on the goal-front, if only to serve as a personal documentary. So here goes for the last two months.

Runkeeper says I went running four times in those two months. That’s certainly an improvement. But needs to go further. Doesn’t help that I haven’t done anything in the first two weeks of May…

Going ahead as planned, I read:
Shadows of the Wind
The Time of our Singing
Nothing to Lose
I also listened to the audio book of Obama’s Audacity of Hope which in my opinion stands as much as reason for his election as his highly-praised internet efforts. If you need some inspiration, values or a good yarn, start there. We finished The West Wing by now which shall be another post. Two books I have started, however, in general I feel I have dropped a bit behind…

Web projects
I moved the Speaking English Podcast to it’s new home and added more episodes. Work in progress still.

Kanal 14 got several new episodes, one more in the can, but I am struggling with motivation. Am I doing this for myself only?

The good news of the last two months was that I got my creative ass of the couch and got stuff done that was lying around in a sketch book for more than a year. This cartoon proved to be most inspirational. Here are proceedings and more pictures.