Report Card for July, August and September 2009

Just a small summary of what happened, continuing one, two and three, albeit a bit late.

First, there is a new website and blog. We are expanding WBN and you can for example read about Gowalla,  a new app I am playing with right now. As for the expansion, there will be more news to come.

Kanal 14 came back after the summer break with 7 new episodes, including round-tables, interviews and book reports since August.

Speaking English Podcast received some work on the back end and I have managed to put out a show every two weeks. Which means, I should get to work on the next one 😉

Runkeeper tells me I ran 30 kms (8 runs) in July and August, that’s pretty good for me. No runs in September though and I am already three days behind on the latest thing I am trying, 100pushups.

As for the reading, I am still pretty much on par for two 24 books/year, just too bad that the list grew to 35 books. I am almost done with Clay Shirky’s Here comes everybody and close to closing The Corrections, second time around I am not as grappled. For the rest of the year, I thought I would sneak in Seth Godin’s Tribes and Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It on the business side and Paul Auster’s Oracle Night and Wallace’s Infinite Jest on the fiction side. The first three I can probably get through in two weeks which gives me two months for the tomb that is David Foster Wallace’s big piece.

Am I missing something? You bet, but that will probably require a post of it’s own…

PS: I started reading Infinite Jest last night. I like it a lot so far, seems like a book for me…