Twitter Direct Messages back on your cell. SMS is dead. Almost.

Well, well. I might well be that you all know this feature already. But it just made “click” for me. For quite a while I had unchecked the “allow push-notifications”-settings on my iPhone. I did this as a pre-setting with every app. With the advent of Gowalla and Foursquare I changed that and set it differently for every app. And then I had this revelation regarding Twitter apps.

Today, a direct message from twitter came through. And I was instantly happy:


Make fun of the background image all day long but you know what that means, right? DM’s as a sustainable way of communication are back in the game. It means that SMS is dead as far as communication with Twitter users is concerned. It means that my wife can send me messages I see instantly without shelling for an SMS.
Now please everybody. Please change your “push-notification” to “on”.

Oh, and I am using “Echofon” for this and no it is not an affiliate link.

The only question I have is why this worked three times this morning and then stopped again 🙁