2013 preview: Reading

So the primary reading list for the upcoming year is finished and you can view it here. Last year was much the one before in terms of output (25) although I was a bit more strict on not finishing books I didn’t want to read further. As you can see I am starting the year with five books at the same time, books I started in December. Not a good sign, but then I got a lot of book gifts or added another interest (e.g. Sherlock Holmes after discovering the TV show “Elementary”).

I am looking forward to the book by Mitch Joel this year and also giving David Foster Wallace another try, reading Dave Eggers and learning more about VC (that’s hidden in the picture).

Reading came very much in waves last year, highly productive months vs. months where progress was painstakingly slow. The two biographies were work (Steve Jobs, Keith Richards) and 10 Days to Faster Reading was good in a way but tedious. The Richard Branson book was one you can skip and I was really glad for the new C.C. Chapman book to arrive to give me good excuse to shelve it.

As always, I’ll probably finish half of what is on this preliminary list and add 10 that I haven’t yet thought of. I suppose the best solution there would be to push for lots of reading time in the first three months and then just keep at it. We’ll see.

Preview: Reading 2012

As for the last couple of years, there will be a reading list for 2012. Last year was pretty good, I worked my way through 24 books. Some of them were short, sure, but the ideas still valuable.
After 28 books in 2009 and 18 in 2010 two books/month is a nice pace, considering that I have other hobbies, too?

The shortlist for this year looks as follows at the end of the post and as always you can keep track of my progress on this page.

In the last couple of years this would also mean changing my twitter background, but the shelf hasn’t really changed. Now what? I’ll find something 😉

What are you reading?

  1. PLI/Abby Marks Beale – 10 Days to faster Reading
  2. Georg Franck – Die Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit
  3. Thomas Klupp – Paradiso
  4. Nick Hornby – Juliet Naked
  5. Siri Hustvest – Enchantment of Lily Dahl
  6. Chris Brogan/Julien Smith – Trust Agents
  7. Jack Falla – Home Ice
  8. Minette Walters – The Breaker
  9. O’Reilly – Your Brain: The Missing Manual
  10. Charles Frazier – Thirteen Moons
  11. Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird (*)
  12. Hanif Kureishi – The Buddha of Suburbia
  13. Richard Powers – Generosity
  14. Charles Bukowski – Ham on Rye
  15. Chip & Dan Heath – Switch
  16. Steven Levy – In the Plex
  17. Walther Isaacson – Steve Jobs Biography
  18. Eric Ries – The Lean Startup
  19. Thomas Pletzinger – Gentlemen, wir leben am Abgrund
  20. David Halberstam – Playing for keeps
  21. Jonathan Lethem – Chronic City
  22. Don DeLillo – Underworld
  23. Gavin Menzies – 1421
  24. Jostein Gaardner – Sophie’s World
  25. Andreas Eschbach – Eine Billion Dollar*
  26. Jaron Lanier – You’re not a gadget
  27. Lee Child – Reacher No. 17
  28. Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Der Schwarze Schwan+
  29. Howard Jacobson – No more Mr. Nice Guy+
  30. James Altucher – I was Blind but now I See + (Kindle for iPhone)
  31. Tom Peters – Re-Imagine +