Golden Rule of Productivity: When you consume you are not producing

I think this will turn out to be the Golden Rule for me. This isn’t necessarily about productivity – which it easily could be since it applies beautifully – but about putting ideas into tangible results. Shipping, so to speak.

When you consume you are not producing

When you have time at hand and you for example choose to watch a YouTube video you are not writing code, a blog post, filming a video or teaching. And the biggest bummer is, even when you read Paul Graham’s tips on how to start a business or listen to Mitch Joel’s podcast or watch the documentary about how Tim Ferriss learned Yabusame in 4 days, you are not producing. Sure you might learn, get inspired, connect but you are not crushing it. Mind you, I do read Graham, listen to Joel and watched the documentary and it surely was worth it. But I chose learning, inspiration and connection over progress. You just have to know how to choose when progress is needed.