A musical preview of 2014

In the last two years music has taken a much bigger place in my life again. That’s a good thing. Although I get great input I usually start the year by checking out other people’s/magazines’s best of lists. I made some on Spotify, feel free to check them out: Mike Portnoy, Eddie Trunk, Guitar World, Music Radar.

As noted in the 2013 review I very much grew to like going to concerts again so that’s what I’ll try to focus on. There will be releases from Steel Panther, Flying Colors, Sebastian Back, The Brew, Adrenaline Mob and more to look forward to, but I intend to catch lots of concerts, focusing on the “small to medium”-sized acts.

Here’s what I have so far:
9.1. Protest the Hero, TessaracT, Safety Fire
13.1. Helhorse @Astra-Stuben
9.2. Dream Theater @ Hannover
5.3. Aristocrats @ Fabrik
10.3. The Intersphere @ Knust
14.3. The New Roses @ Rock Cafe
22.3. Henrik Freischlader
28.3. TM Stevens
Sharron Levy
Sebastian Bach
The Brew
Plan B
Ich sucht
Kapelle Herrenweide
The Rawkings

And as I also hinted in the review there should be new original music in 2014. But that is indeed another story.