App-Updates from Thomas Sixt, Sleep Cycle and eBay

My friend Thomas Sixt, chef and cookbook author (check out the headcam cooking videos) not only has a bunch of German cookbooks in the Apple Bookstore but also some English versions. A couple of weeks ago he launched The Perfect Wiener Schnitzel as English ebook. 15 pages with great high quality and of course a video putting it all together. Go to the App Store and check out The Perfect Wiener Schnitzel.

Sleep Cycle, once favorite sleep-tracking app has recently launched version 4.0 and become usable again. Look and function have been revamped and it loggs beautifully that I am not sleeping enough. The app isn’t perfect yet (which app is), e.g. if I accidentally end the logging during the night (e.g. a child needs attention and I want a flashlight really quick) I have to start a new log and can’t splice the two periods together. Instead I have two pieces that are deemed no good sleep because they are too short. Aside from that, the app has become much better.

The new official eBay app is actually quite grand, it certainly has led to an increased eBay activity on my part, despite being a big fan of Stuffle. eBay and email had become a weak system and the app just rectifies that. Searches are much easier and I receive push-notifications for soon ending auctions I am monitoring or have already bid on. Paypal-payment works as well as changing delivery addresses. This app is well thought through and in my opinion for a better eBay experience.