Calendar Week 35

After two weeks with sick days and off days last week proved to be an adventure. I spent Tuesday in Berlin, getting to know the colleagues in our office there and paying a quick visit to the guys at Third Wave. The rest of the week was spent mostly in meetings with just the right amount of actually getting real work done to actually have gotten the right work done.
The team is working super hard and the needle is moving in the right direction. I was really happy Friday night because not only are we doing volume but also quality, with two ideas/projects shaping up which I hope will excite a lot of people as well in the nearby future.

In other news, there is movement on the reading list as well as my “towatch” and “tocheck” list, the latter probably due to the fact that my wife was on vacation for a couple of days. I am really liking Alex Bogusky’s Baked-in, although as always with great advice books, application to an ad agency where you’re not shaping the product for millions but the product for the people who cater to millions is a puzzler in and of itself. That being said, I am confident we will get there as well, after all, I am pretty good at cooking with a recipe and not that bad at improvising too.