Kindle, Export, Linchpin

Seth Godin asks his readers to pass on their copy of his recent work ‘Linchpin’. I’d love to do that. But, I read it with the Kindle for iPhone app, and all of a sudden passing it on would be a copy and I would violate all kinds of copyright rules.

However, I highlighted 35 spots in the book with the neat “highlight” feature, I guess I could share those? Unfortunately, if Amazon were to enable a simple “share this quote”-feature, they would violate all kinds of copyright rules. Quite the pickle. What good is the highlight feature then. A quick Google search reveals a Kindle site were I can access my highlights on the web. That is better than nothing I guess.

If I were to publish those though, I guess I would violate all kinds of copyright rules. I could just publish the location of the quote but that would do you no good because of Amazon’s stupid page numbering on the Kindle iPhone app. As soon as we have different formated reading habits, you luck out.

So I guess all that remain to say is that I think if you read one business book a year first of all that’s not enough and I can’t possibly take responsibility for what you choose. However, Linchpin is one of if not Godin’s best book and in a broad sense, not purely marketing.

And here is one quote:

If you’re going to go to all the trouble of learning the song and performing it, then SING IT. Sing it loud and with feeling and like you mean it. Deliver it, don’t just hand it over like a bank teller. When you answer the phone or greet me at your office or come to a meeting or write something, don’t bother if all you’re going to do is do it. Sing it or stay home.