Review 2009, Part 3: Unanswered Questions

  • Why can’t our 1000$ coffee maker at work not say “I’m gonna need more water” before starting the attempt with not enough water?
  • Why is the number of apps to update on the iPhone always higher than in iTunes on my desktop, shouldn’t both devices get the same info?
  • Why does Amazon Partnernet still send me these mails that I haven’t generated any sales? I never have, probably never will!
  • Why does the Amazon recommendation system still suck and offer me books I already have just because it’s the UK version?
  • Why didn’t Amazon when they redid their “Lists” also offer the opportunity to merge .com and .de-Lists?
  • Why doesn’t the Kindle system sync notes and the place in the book where I am at from the sample when I download the full version?