A one week get-away sees me refreshed I guess despite what the article on vacation in last Saturday’s FAZ suggested (who has the time to take four weeks off anyway). While I did check on work email I maybe interacted eight times in total, including three telephone calls. Considering the status of some projects I am very happy about that.

Back at the desk today I am catching up today, nudging here and there and getting my system back on the grid. Speaking of which. I am going to try the offline version of bubble timer for a while and compare notes with the results of rescuetime, trying to get down emailing and skyping, despite having lots of fun with especially the latter.

Having said that, what can you expect here? Well, to put it a bit cryptic yet, a lot has been going on on the side lately, meaning job- and family-wise but certain decisions will allow me to focus interests while serving content to multiple places. However, my previous decision to stop tumbling, stop, stop and force everything upon you from this place, but of course, there shall be one exception in regard to the previously mentioned decision.

Going further, I have collected several thoughts for great “How-to” and “top 5” posts on personal management, life hacking and of course marketing which you can expect to start popping up any day now. In addition, more book reviews are coming out on and I’ll damned if I cannot find a sponsor for the more than 2700 subscribers and closing in to 1mm viewers/last year of the Speaking English Podcast. And I’ll experiment with the new phone to publish videos easier to all three sites along the way.

Posterous, well I don’t know. I have to play around with it, but am still not sold. Maybe when “theming” does get introduced, but I don’t know the company well enough to judge how soon “soon” is…

Anyway, have a great fall season, see you around.