Not everybody’s friend: contact policy

Two things made me write this post, first the amount of friends request and the type which consume a lot of time lately, and recent great posts and videos by Mr. Gray, Mrs. Barone and KommonKraft:

Here is how I decide whether to be your friend on any platform (except Twitter, I’ll get to that in a sec).
If I don’t know you, I won’t be your friend. Yes, even on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if we have 137 friends in common, if I have never heard of you, I’ll ignore you. Why? Just because. I actually like to use the service, not just boast my numbers.

On Twitter, I am a bit more flexible. If you have no URL and no bio your out, but otherwise I’ll check your blog and read some tweets. If I like it, you’re in, at least until the monthly follower management session 😉 And to be honest, my current follower/follwing ratio will only increase.
But don’t be heartbroken, plenty of other people are eager to read you increase their numbers by following you.