Report Card for January/February 2009

One thing about setting goals is that it helps when one is held accountable, either by oneself or by friends, family etc. So here is what I have done so far this year.

I set out to become much fitter again, chasing myself ca. 1999, when I lived in the States, ice skated and went to the gym a lot. Two bouts of illness basically leave me way behind, but I’ll get moving.

The list is long, and I finished these:
McCarthy’s Bar (370p)
The To-Do List (330p)
Evelyn Wood (212p)
Personal Devolopment for Smart People (160p)
The To-Do List wasn’t on it, but I am still par for 26 which is almost all. Furthermore, I am two thirds in to Time of Our Singing and one third into Shadows of the Wind. Not sure though, whether I’ll finish the latter.
In addition (due to the illness), we basically breezed through The West Wing’s first 4.5 seasons. And we thought, getting rid of the TV would help watch less TV…

Web projects

  • The Speaking English Podcast continues to run. Six episodes in 2009 so far.
  • One work project went online as planned.
  • The “taking the cell phone off the grid” project was a nice idea, but the charger didn’t put out enough power for the iPhone. Will try it on the Nokia 95 to use that as a camera maybe.
  • Three Kanal 14 episodes were published, two more interviews are done, this week I have two more scheduled.
  • My “Portfolio Project” looked like dead on arrival after early criticism. Illness didn’t help here either, but I re-started recording again. It will certainly look different than announced, but I’ll pick it up for sure.
  • The band has now a repertoire of about 40 minutes (all covers). I hear Jessica Simpson’s sets are not much longer.