Report Card for July, August and September 2009

Just a small summary of what happened, continuing one, two and three, albeit a bit late.

First, there is a new website and blog. We are expanding WBN and you can for example read about Gowalla,  a new app I am playing with right now. As for the expansion, there will be more news to come.

Kanal 14 came back after the summer break with 7 new episodes, including round-tables, interviews and book reports since August.

Speaking English Podcast received some work on the back end and I have managed to put out a show every two weeks. Which means, I should get to work on the next one 😉

Runkeeper tells me I ran 30 kms (8 runs) in July and August, that’s pretty good for me. No runs in September though and I am already three days behind on the latest thing I am trying, 100pushups.

As for the reading, I am still pretty much on par for two 24 books/year, just too bad that the list grew to 35 books. I am almost done with Clay Shirky’s Here comes everybody and close to closing The Corrections, second time around I am not as grappled. For the rest of the year, I thought I would sneak in Seth Godin’s Tribes and Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It on the business side and Paul Auster’s Oracle Night and Wallace’s Infinite Jest on the fiction side. The first three I can probably get through in two weeks which gives me two months for the tomb that is David Foster Wallace’s big piece.

Am I missing something? You bet, but that will probably require a post of it’s own…

PS: I started reading Infinite Jest last night. I like it a lot so far, seems like a book for me…

Bye, bye planetsab

Es war vermutlich irgendwann 2000 als ich meine erste Domain registrierte. Bei Freecity, damals ein wohl gängiger Anbieter für Domainkäufe und -hosting.

Planetsab, der Name, entstand in meinem Jahr in Amerika, aber irgendwie musste ich dann feststellen, dass der Name in Deutschland eigentlich zu erklärungsbedürftig ist. “Warum schreibt man ‘sab’ mit ‘a’ wenn man ‘sebastian’ mit ‘e’ schreibt”,” warum Englisch und dann .de-Domain”, “warum überhaupt Englisch” und “wie spricht man das aus”?

Schließlich war auch das Hosting bei Freecity mit 30 Euro/Jahr spätestesn 2006 einfach unendlich teuer. Allerdings waren die Jungs auch mörderfrech, denn eine Mitnahme hätte mich noch mal extra 30 Euro kosten sollen, weil ich vor 2002 registriert habe. Bitte? Also habe ich einfach so gekündigt. Und die Aufforderung bekommen, den Betrag trotzdem zu bezahlen, sonst geht die Doman an die DENIC. Bitte?

Bitte, hab ich gedacht. Mach das. Dann schrieb die DENIC, ich solle bezahlen. Nur noch 18 Euro, aber trotzdem. Ansonsten würde die Domain fristlos gekündigt. Fein hab ich gedacht, macht doch. Und so ist es geschehen. Guckt ihr hier:

Wie konnte ich nur? Nun, die Domain war immer nur ein Weiterleiter, die “guten” Links gehen eh zu Typepad. Außerdem muss man sich auch mal trennen können…

Seit Anfang des Jahres laufen meine reinen Blogs zusammen auf und seit heute twitter ich auch nicht mehr unter planetsab, sondern unter @sebastiankeil. Der gute Sören Stamer hat mir gezeigt, wie ich meine beiden Accounts switchen konnte (denn natürlich hatte ich @sebastiankeil schon vor langer Zeit gesichert).

Bye, bye planetsab in der URL und Twitter für ist also ein weiterer Schritt in der Ausarbeitung des Online-Lebens, der nächste kommt vermutlich übernächste Woche…

Ps: nein, ich ändere jetzt nicht überall alles. Ich bin jedoch der Meinung, dass Twitter bleibt. Und deshalb möchte ich mit meinen Namen verbunden sein, zumindest für die nächsten 10000 Tweets 😉

Looking back and ahead

(This post is going to be totally and only about me, consider yourself warned)

About 10 years ago I bought my first domain (which I just got a cancellation notice for from DENIC – which is another story), since 2004 I have been writing weblogs. I don’t think I have written an entry on and about my birthday yet, but there’s a first for everything.

I turned 35 today. I don’t think I have been as paranoid as I could have been; actually, I am pretty relaxed about growing older and birthdays are not that much of an issue for me. There might be three reasons for this: One is that for quite a number of years I have treated my birthday as any other day. There were few parties and I preferred even to leave the country, a feat accomplished quite regularly. Secondly, despite all this low-key talk, some of the birthdays of the last 10 years were quite memorable. My 30th was spent in a small cabin at Manasquan, NJ with a trip to see Norah Jones and the incredible Amos Lee as support. One was spent with my girlfriend surprising me, when she visited me on the job in another city. I know the year, too, cause one week later we exchanged hectic messages because two planes hit the twin towers. In another year, my parents told me they were getting a divorce. And of course, one year I spent my birthday carrying my two week old son around.

You see? This kind of stuff relaxes you.

Thirdly, there is so much time left. Looking forward, just a couple of weeks, there’ll be an addition to the family. So much time to spend. I am in no hurry to go anywhere else. 35 years means that – if everything goes well, knock on wood – I’ll have at least another 35 years to go. It means that although I have been working for 20 years I still have more than that to go which is a good thing. It is a good thing in that I don’t have to rush now. I want to be able to see my kids grow up and I can, because I still have 30 years to become general manager of a hockey club 😉

Don’t get me wrong. I work hard. I – ill advisedly – seldomly take a lunch break and work at night and weekends if necessary. And if we worked together I think you know that. And I’d like to think that I work “clients first”. And I guess you’ll see it first-hand in the near future. There’s a time and place for everything.

Today many people reached out to me. Some who did so 10 years ago, some who did 5 years ago, and some who I met on- and offline during the last five years. Every call, mail, and comment meant something to me. And I would like to say thank you. Thank you.

Well. Enough now.

Nachtrag: Podcast mit Patrick Breitenbach und Markus Trumann zum Thema LOHAS, Nachhaltigkeit und ethischer Konsum

Es ist schon fast zwei Wochen her, da telefonierten wir uns zusammen: Patrick Breitenbach, Brainblogger und nun für die Karlshochschule tätig, Markus Trumann, better and green, und ich. Gemeinsam haben wir über Nachhaltigkeit und ethischen Konsum im täglichen Leben gesprochen. Markus hat das so formuliert:

Wir sehen Nachhaltigkeit und einen nachhaltigen Lebensstil als wichtig an, haben aber häufig das Problem, dass wir den Arsch nicht hochkriegen. Wir konsumieren also fröhlich weiter in unserem Schlaraffenland und sind oft zu bequem unseren Lebensstil und unser Konsumverhalten anzupassen. Manchmal schlägt uns dann unser schlechtes Gewissen in die Fresse.

Im folgenden Podcast haben wir einfachmal munter drauf losgequatscht, um uns über einige grundlegende Sachen im Bezug auf Lohas, Nachhaltigkeit, ethischer Konsum, Bio- und Fairtrade-Siegel klar zu werden. Mir persönlich ist aufgefallen, dass obwohl ich mich ja relativ viel mit dem Thema auseinandersetze, sich da noch riesige Wissenslücken bei mir auftun, aber vielleicht kann der Podcast ja auch dabei helfen, diese bei mir zu schließen.

Wir hoffen, dass euch das Thema und die Art der Diskussion gefällt, denn natürlich überlegen wir, mehr davon zu machen.

Also, welche Bio-Biere sollen wir verköstigen?
Wie kann das Kind heißen?
Welche Themen interessieren euch?
Welche Gäste wollt ihr hören, bzw. wer möchte Gast sein?


A one week get-away sees me refreshed I guess despite what the article on vacation in last Saturday’s FAZ suggested (who has the time to take four weeks off anyway). While I did check on work email I maybe interacted eight times in total, including three telephone calls. Considering the status of some projects I am very happy about that.

Back at the desk today I am catching up today, nudging here and there and getting my system back on the grid. Speaking of which. I am going to try the offline version of bubble timer for a while and compare notes with the results of rescuetime, trying to get down emailing and skyping, despite having lots of fun with especially the latter.

Having said that, what can you expect here? Well, to put it a bit cryptic yet, a lot has been going on on the side lately, meaning job- and family-wise but certain decisions will allow me to focus interests while serving content to multiple places. However, my previous decision to stop tumbling, stop, stop and force everything upon you from this place, but of course, there shall be one exception in regard to the previously mentioned decision.

Going further, I have collected several thoughts for great “How-to” and “top 5” posts on personal management, life hacking and of course marketing which you can expect to start popping up any day now. In addition, more book reviews are coming out on and I’ll damned if I cannot find a sponsor for the more than 2700 subscribers and closing in to 1mm viewers/last year of the Speaking English Podcast. And I’ll experiment with the new phone to publish videos easier to all three sites along the way.

Posterous, well I don’t know. I have to play around with it, but am still not sold. Maybe when “theming” does get introduced, but I don’t know the company well enough to judge how soon “soon” is…

Anyway, have a great fall season, see you around.