Don’t. Listen. To. Him.

A friend said that DT’s press conference was probably one of most Facebook live broadcast presser in (the short Facebook live) history. At the same time, imho, probably the one nobody needed to watch, especially the press. Think about it – What truth was there to be learned? What new facts? Was there a credible source?

Think about it. We need to surround us with credible sources of information. With arguments present from both sides. And with us forming our own opinions. It is clear that America will move from a solution-oriented presidency to a blame-oriented one.

Obama’s speech yesterday was one to inspire his people to not resign but “lace up your shoes” if you are unhappy. This is obvious but also terribly important for Germany’s upcoming election.

Apparently there are many areas where we cannot really trust the politicians to work towards solutions for the German public. The politicians are seemingly more concerned with the conservation of their power, unwilling to take risks. Merkel wants to do the right thing but has nobody with enough spunk to help her, in the contrary, coalition partners are working against her.

Gabriel wants the job and might be bold enough but can’t bring himself to say so and his party is more concerned with “what if we lose” than “how can we help the country”.

Which is really the big question, isn’t. Not even “how can we help the country” but “how come Merkel doesn’t just get a team of really smart people to Berlin an work this through “? Present solutions. Fix what needs fixing and get rid of blamers, stallers, cry babies and yesteryear’ers.

Shape the country, create facts, do stuff. But don’t watch a guy with a yellow wig talk about himself in circles, and mostly lying in the process.

Worth remembering

I just printed out this bit by Seth Godin and posted it to my monitor:

If you buy my product but don’t read the instructions, that’s not your fault, it’s mine.
If you read a blog post and misinterpret what I said, that’s my choice, not your error.
If you attend my presentation and you’re bored, that’s my failure.
If you are a student in my class and you don’t learn what I’m teaching, I’ve let you down.

Worth remembering. Exceed expectations. Overfull requirements. Anticipate. Humble Pie.

One vote at a time

Even if I am German and living I don’t know how many miles away from the United States, this year’s US election finds me quite fascinated and engaged. I’d have to go back to the beginning of my American Literature studies and the 1996 election where I was a guest at the America House Hamburg, witnessing at night how Clinton got re-elected.

This year, with a different, more adult look at world politics and especially on the last eight years, I find myself rooting for Barack Obama, hoping for change, to steal some of his keywords. If you have 20 minutes, watch this piece by Lawrence Lessig, on why he is for Obama and not Hillary Clinton.

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