Customer understanding at Seemingly zero.

I just received an email from the support team, automatically generated

“We wanted to let you know that your professional account for “Speaking English Podcast” has expired.”

Not only am I furious because I am still waiting for the day that a video hosting service realizes that their paying customers are a valuable asset for them and that they need to make sure to keep them happy. This reminds me of the beginning of’s demise. Late payments, no communication.

But in addition, I am speechless about the mechanism. Why the fuck would you let the pro accounts expire? Why wouldn’t you send one email four weeks in advance, “hey, just to let you know, your pro account is going to expire, do you want to renew?” And why wouldn’t you send a reminder a week before it expires? You didn’t, I checked my spam folder. This could be so easy. But I guess it’s not.

  • Sebastian – I’m sorry that you’re unhappy with our service. This is the first time anyone has ever expressed displeasure with this particular notification. Letting a pro account lapse has no effect on your existing library and you can subscribe to pro features again very easily.

    In the future, I hope you’ll reach out to our support team in cases like this. We work very hard to communicate directly and regularly with the shows that use us.

  • Hi @ericmortensen:disqus , thanks for reading. Actually, I am in contact with Aaron from time to time. And he listens, sure. But from what I can see as somebody who uploads 1 video every 10 days, is that there is not a lot of movement, aside from you coming up with new ways to monetize and maybe helping users do the same. Do you know how long that double navigation is up? Do you know how long the stats have been broken? Is there any logical reason why I’d have to select YouTube categories when you could just take the blip-one I have chosen?
    I am not unhappy with blip as a service per se. Once I made the decision to leave revver I chose you for a reason and I am not happy with blip as a video hosting platform.
    Look at it this way: It doesn’t matter if the pro account lapse has an effect or not – but now I feel like a failure because I hadn’t marked my calender to renew in time. That’s the issue. Why not send a notification? It’ll make your customers feel looked after. At home.