What to do with your pictures? Flickr, Picasa, Dailybooth, Privacy

I used to be a more or less straight-forward flickr guy. Well, we put our wedding pictures there. Then I set up a picasa-account so I could set secret-URLs to the family, pointing to sets of photos of my son. I also used iPhoto, and since I got an iPhone that’s where all pictures go by default. Then there is dailybooth, where I shoot a picture of me every day, wondering what for and how I will get the pictures out of there and whether there will be a dailybooth widget later to get the “one year in the life of me”-effect – if not, what’s the point? Then there is the flickr-China issue, and the Google-already-knows-everything-about-me,do-they-need-to-know-on-a-day-by-day-basis-how-I-look issue, the how-many-pictures-of-me-do-I-want-online issue and the I-really-don’t-want-to-sync-more-than-one-service,I-want-one-click-publishing issue.

The truth is, I don’t have an online picture-handling strategy at the moment. Do you? What’s yours?

  • I have only used picasa from the services you mention above. It was kind of annoying the way it snoops around and finds every photo on your computer but the editing features are absolutely great! I can improve a photo just by sliding three different bars a certain distance.

    I like the flexibility of using the software directly or the web interface when I’m on another computer. With the ability to create separate items, both private and public it makes it easy to handle the loads of photos we take these days.

    Some of its web features annoy me (album management to be precise) but it is more convenient that having all the photos sit inside My Pictures with no order.

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