What to do with your pictures? Flickr, Picasa, Dailybooth, Privacy

I used to be a more or less straight-forward flickr guy. Well, we put our wedding pictures there. Then I set up a picasa-account so I could set secret-URLs to the family, pointing to sets of photos of my son. I also used iPhoto, and since I got an iPhone that’s where all pictures go by default. Then there is dailybooth, where I shoot a picture of me every day, wondering what for and how I will get the pictures out of there and whether there will be a dailybooth widget later to get the “one year in the life of me”-effect – if not, what’s the point? Then there is the flickr-China issue, and the Google-already-knows-everything-about-me,do-they-need-to-know-on-a-day-by-day-basis-how-I-look issue, the how-many-pictures-of-me-do-I-want-online issue and the I-really-don’t-want-to-sync-more-than-one-service,I-want-one-click-publishing issue.

The truth is, I don’t have an online picture-handling strategy at the moment. Do you? What’s yours?