Follow-up on revver

The other day I wrote about my revver issues. Somebody was kind enough to respond, but after my follow-up comment all I am getting is silence. Instead something has happened on the technical side of the game. Feed-burner tells me I am still having over 7k downloads per day, however, stats for the latest episode on the revver site show merely 137 views.
And I checked, in the meantime there has been no message on either payment info or change of statistical analysis.
After reading Kent Nichols account of how the Ninja left revver (Thanks Tim), I am thinking (more like a communcations consultant) that one might just have to track not only clients and topics/companies related to them, but also services one likes to use. What do you think?

Vaynerchuk hits home run

You have to give the man credit for a great idea. As far as podcasts go, this might actually a better concept than
Endless topics, cheap to produce, suspense, give-aways. Scalable to a network with all the sports out there. And lots of niches, too, I might just start a show on my Shanahan card and jersey collection.
I agree that the video space is wide open, dying for content to replace traditional tv programming.

Podcasting: the whole 9 yards is actually much longer

You can write and read as many “25 tips on improving your podcast”-guides as you want, even act upon the tips – the learning curve just never ends. This week alone, fueled by input from Gary Vaynerchuk, C.C. Chapman and the guys from Marketing over Coffee, I felt like a pre-schooler yet again. And believe me, looking at the numbers, the Speaking English Podcast is about to enter his Sophomore year in High-School pretty soon.
The lesson here though is, that the work is never done. There is always room to improve. Every day. Work on the info text of each show. Add a new distribution channel. Find new ways to measure. Connect more to your audience.
Every day.

Open letter to

Dear people at revver (yes, that includes “the guy who can’t read a calender),

for more than two years I have given you my content from for free and used your player, promoting your brand. Even more so, I allowed you to monetize my content in your name.

In return I received some money, but let’s be honest, almost 500k views this year alone did not even translate into a three-figure sum for me. It might have, but you are late with payments. Almost four months late. And the money you promised to send out on September 11th which would have been enough to buy my wife a decent dinner, did not reach me yet. And I just double-checked my PayPal account.
What the hell is going on?

I can tell you what the hell is going on. You are ruining the one USP you had. There are so many video platforms out there (which, btw, I am all feeding through, easy monetization was your one advantage. The only one.

Since that seems broken I see no reason why not to talk more with sandieman at viddler, I really like what he did with Gary Vaynerchuk. Ask a Ninja switched, the mentos guys put there latest video on vimeo, it seems as always I am the latest to realize the ship is doomed, but I will move on.

Just give me the money you owe me. Or I’ll send the Ninja!