Review: Pain of Salvation – In the Passing Light of Day

Upfront: This won’t be a track by track review. If you are looking for one of those go to Pain of Salvation’s Facebook page, plenty of those there, I like e.g. this one a lot, here’s a review in German, here’s a very thoughtful one.
Before I get lost in my thoughts let me be clear: I love this album. I had it on constant rotation for a week and to me it’s deep, clear, sonic, Pain of Salvation. And I can hear all the other albums in it, from Entropia to Road Salt Two.
What I have always loved about PoS albums is the dynamic of a song, Daniel’s ability to compose from soft to full blast in one song without it sounding like pieces spliced together. This goes for the voices as well – the lyrical content gets linked to the music and that includes the voice. Pattison calls this prosody and I am amazed how well Daniel has always (ok, most times) achieved this in the past.
I am a music first, lyrics later, kind of listener but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to the melody. It just means the focus of my attention is on what do the drums do, oh, there’s an interesting rhythm, is it memorable, how do the guitars tie into that, oh, I love that vocal line. I’ve been humming along after the second go-through. In fact, I feel compelled to listen to the album again, because I am looking forward to that line. And all of a sudden this 71 minute album isn’t long at all, because it works from beginning to end. It’s a actually a very comprehensive record as an entity with the songs working individually as well.
You might not feel the same way, obviously, that’s the beauty of music, and neither of us is right. 😉 I am just writing this down because I sense that Daniel is unfortunately very susceptible to critical comments. He has put his heart into this album and the six years are well worth it in my opinion – take another six years to write the next if it comes out this way (just without the hospital/almost dying part) – and the first thing people are writing as a response is “oooh, that is very egotistical cover art”. So that’s why I am writing how I feel about this album. We need more people saying nice things anyway.
In closing some random pointers:
The synth intro of “Meaningless”. So beautiful. Works over everything thrown at it. Simple drums, guitar melodies, full blast band. These melodies are 1-in-a-million. Another one is Steve Vai’s “Aching Hunger” from Fire Garden. Heart opening.
And the range of the chorus melody. I bet it’s really challenging to sing, too.
The vocal sound in Silent Gold. Just golden. The harmonies in the second verse.
Full Throttle Tribe. I think one of my favorite tracks. From the machine beeps that transcend into the beat, through the change of the snare hit from -e, to & to and -a, until the “I’ll take it to far and drive it to hard” line that is a perfect example of matching lyrics to the music. Beautiful breakdown, making room for the burning shower tap, sound banks from Road Two rubbing salt in.
Angels of Broken Things: I am a sucker for polyrhythms that work in sync, incorporating not only one instrument (drums) but in this case syncopic vocal melody and guitars and all. Soothing.
If this is the end. I am guessing this is a baritone guitar. The ring is different. And then comes the accordion. Did I mention I love PoS orchestration? Having more than two people who can sing a melody helps.
Thank you for a brilliant album.

Don’t. Listen. To. Him.

A friend said that DT’s press conference was probably one of most Facebook live broadcast presser in (the short Facebook live) history. At the same time, imho, probably the one nobody needed to watch, especially the press. Think about it – What truth was there to be learned? What new facts? Was there a credible source?

Think about it. We need to surround us with credible sources of information. With arguments present from both sides. And with us forming our own opinions. It is clear that America will move from a solution-oriented presidency to a blame-oriented one.

Obama’s speech yesterday was one to inspire his people to not resign but “lace up your shoes” if you are unhappy. This is obvious but also terribly important for Germany’s upcoming election.

Apparently there are many areas where we cannot really trust the politicians to work towards solutions for the German public. The politicians are seemingly more concerned with the conservation of their power, unwilling to take risks. Merkel wants to do the right thing but has nobody with enough spunk to help her, in the contrary, coalition partners are working against her.

Gabriel wants the job and might be bold enough but can’t bring himself to say so and his party is more concerned with “what if we lose” than “how can we help the country”.

Which is really the big question, isn’t. Not even “how can we help the country” but “how come Merkel doesn’t just get a team of really smart people to Berlin an work this through “? Present solutions. Fix what needs fixing and get rid of blamers, stallers, cry babies and yesteryear’ers.

Shape the country, create facts, do stuff. But don’t watch a guy with a yellow wig talk about himself in circles, and mostly lying in the process.

Review: Sean Ashe – Flux

(if you don’t want to bear my preface, the actual review starts at the fourth paragraph…)

I have been into Sean Ashe for quite some time, I don’t even remember how I got introduced. My guess would be his Instagram but who knows. For the last year or so he let his followers follow (;-)) the development and recording of his first solo album, titled Flux. It was available for pre-orders on his Bandcamp page so I did and this week it finally came out.

Hemisphere and Luminescence were two tracks previously available and there I was, syncing the tracks to my phone, thinking, “well, this might as well be this generation’s Passion & Warfare”. Talk about expectations… The teaser track Memory Lane before New Year’s was equally daunting and promising…

Well, Passion & Warfare might be a bit farfetched in the end. Not because it’s not great but due to what it stands far. First I was wondering whether a statement like that would be fair to Guthrie Govan’s Erotic Cakes or Pete Thorn’s Guitar Nerd, but obviously it’s a very personal matter. What Passion & Warfare was for me – most likely it was a different album for you. But I digress from the actual matter: Sean Ashe’s brilliant debut album:

Sean Ashe’s Flux is of 8 instrumental guitar tracks. But: It’s not really a shred album (good) and it’s not a riff album (awesome!). I am not a fan of songs that feature a great guitar riff but lack a melody to carry the tune. Riff songs unfortunately bore me. Flux is a great selection of melodies that also happen to be played by guitar, in a very fluent manner. I am not the best at describing influences if I am not familiar, so could be saying something like Scofield and Satriani but would probably very wrong.

I like the variety of song styles. There’s a bit of folk guitar, there’s a ska-ish track, but also the instrument selection: It seems that he really puts melody at the forefront, and the instrument at second: Acoustic guitar, piano, and keyboards all have a moment to bow to the song and shine.

And then there is lots of fusion-y songs with many layers of electric guitar but carefully selected tones. Sean endorses Tom Anderson Guitars and I know he uses Mesa Boogie amps – no doubt are they happy because the guitars sound pristine and I am not just click baiting here. Lead and rhythm guitars sound stunningly good. Kind of what I would expect from a Pete Thorn record but not for a debut album – which Sean produced & mixed himself (with a little help, but still).

I knew the drums were done “for real”, but it has to be pointed out that Andreas Sjoen did a superb job playing and recording. The songs have punch and a dynamic range that comes through without disturbing the melody, rather supporting it.

In short, the only complaint I have is that the album could have been longer and that there could have been a tad more shreddage – we know he can play, so maybe just once give in and let us have it full-blast. But all in all, a must-have for fans of great melodies and electric guitar playing.

And if your in the LA area, go to Namm and check him out in person:

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A musical review of 2015

An interesting year. Most (3) of the concerts I saw (6) came in one week in March, my favorite ones were Karnivool in March and Aristocrats in December.
Most of my favorite albums so far came out in one week in the fall, but I have yet to work through the official “best-of” lists.

Here’s my top 5 so far:
Winery Dogs – Hot Streak
Bumblefoot – Little Brother is Watching
Queensryche – Condition Human
Sonny Landreth – Bound by the Blues
Trivium – Silence in the Snow

However, as every year, I have made Spotify lists of many journalistic sources to see what I may have missed. NPR’s favorite, Reverbs best of 2015, Guitar World Top 50, Telegraph’s Top Country, Top Hip Hop, Eddie Trunks Top 10 and I have still marked NME and Rolling Stone. I see a couple of names on every lists, Jamie XX, Brandi Carlisle, Vince Staples, Courney Barnett so we’ll see what the fuss is about and maybe add to the list later.(These lists will be solid for at least three months I think, so feel free to subscribe. )

After the dissolution of the last cover band I became part of a new one and we played just six gigs (14 already booked for this year), my other band Club of Revelation played four times more than 2014… aka 4 🙂

2016… apparently AC/DC is coming to town, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theater, Tremonti are putting out new albums… let’s see!

(here’s 2014 and 2013)

A musical review of 2014

(my year in other people’s music. here’s 2013)


My album of the year (although from 2013). Glad I discovered this. Great guitar tone by Greg Howe and awesome vocals. It’s not a shred record but great songs, great arrangements and very tasty guitar playing.


A great guitarist (George Lynch), an underrated drummer (Ray Luzier) and the awesome Dug Pinnick on vocals and bass. Another super group, this years Winery Dogs. Great record.

Lynch Mob – Sun Red Sun

24 years after one of my favorite records, Wicked Sensations, they do it again. George Lynch and Oni Logan with great songs. 2 great albums by George Lynch in one year.

The Double Stop Podcast

Props to Brian Sword. If you like rock’n’roll you have to listen, a musicians podcast.

Slash – World on Fire

I wasn’t so sure I’d like this but Slash, Myles Kennedy and producer Elvis Baskette made a great record, solid rock music that will stand the test of time.

Sixx A.M. – Modern Vintage

I had high expectations for this since Are You With Me Now is one of my favorite songs and has been for some time. Modern Vintage isn’t quite there yet but still growing. Well produced as to be expected.

Vulfpeck – Fugue State

I discoverd Vulfpeck with Vollmilch last year and this year’s Fugue State is just so good. Lush. Jazzy but accessible. Easy listening but so not vanilla.

Eden Circus – Marula

„We have listened to Karnivool and Tool.“ Great record for darker days, Hamburg Export I think. Going to be great year for them.

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit

Can’t go wrong with this, amazing voice, mellow.

D’Angelo – Black Messiah

I love it.

Dave Kilminster – and the truth will set you free

How had I not heard of Dave? Probably because I am not such a fan of Pink Floyd and personnel. But he’s a great player and needs to be heard more.

Dirty Loops – Loopified

Finally. A little too pop for me but great to see them out there, hope to catch them live soon.

The Brew – Control

I am not so big on the concept album part, but they just rock. Trio, so important I take notice…

Jack White – Lazaretto

Not just another album. Worth listening.

Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

Cause it’s the Foo Fighters.

Also new to my head phones but not from 2014:

Mother’s Cake – Creation’s Finest

Another support band that took the main stage. Great musicianship, rhythmically challenging, great drumming.

Army of Anyone

Old project from KXM/Korn drummer Ray Luzier. Great rock album.

Brand New – The Devil and God are raging Inside me

Avon Junkies – The Lesser Evil

Punk ska-ish, very fresh.

Wilson Hawk – The Road

Old Richie Kotzen project, very r’n’b soul, almost Motown.

A musical bouquet: Bob Mould, Vulfpeck, Brand New, Saosin, Florida Geogia Line, La Roux, Reigning Sound, Steve Harris, Dream the Electric Sheep

In recent months I discovered a couple of new bands. Some that have been around the block a couple of times, some newer ones. The came via Twitter, Premier Guitar’s rig rundowns and simple recommendations. Maybe you like some as well.

Bob Mould – I don’t know you anymore (from the album Beauty & Rain)

Vulfpeck – Outro (from the album Vollmilch)
Imagine a mellower Dixie Dregs, totally listenable, but with lines you wish you had written and a groove reminiscent of Tower of Power.

Brand New – Sowing Season (from the album The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me)
The video is from a live performance so you maybe want to follow the album link to spotify instead. Make sure to watch the first two minutes – when the band kicks in there’s a great guitar line that everything is built up on – just magical.

Saosin – Voices (from the album Saosin)

Floria Georgia Line – Cruise (from the album Here’s to the Good Times… This is how we Roll)
Country Pop in Half-Time Shuffle, 4×4 trucks, Nelly – all you need to know…

La Roux – Uptight Downtown (from the album Trouble in Paradise)
But… that’s… kind of 80ish pop music…
Yes indeed, but it’s fun!

Reigning Sound – Never coming home (from the album Shattered)
Great old sound, lots of songs about love.

Steve Harris – This is my God (from the album British Lion)
Steve Harris? The name rings a bell? Right, he’s the bass player for Iron Maiden. This is his solo effort, quite neat.

Dream the Electric Sheep – Heretics
Usually this is a much too spheric album for me. I think it’s the bony bass guitar sound that holds it together. Vocals sound a bit like Kenny from Karnivool, I detect some Beatles in there, as well. It’s easy listening but nice…