A musical bouquet: Bob Mould, Vulfpeck, Brand New, Saosin, Florida Geogia Line, La Roux, Reigning Sound, Steve Harris, Dream the Electric Sheep

In recent months I discovered a couple of new bands. Some that have been around the block a couple of times, some newer ones. The came via Twitter, Premier Guitar’s rig rundowns and simple recommendations. Maybe you like some as well.

Bob Mould – I don’t know you anymore (from the album Beauty & Rain)

Vulfpeck – Outro (from the album Vollmilch)
Imagine a mellower Dixie Dregs, totally listenable, but with lines you wish you had written and a groove reminiscent of Tower of Power.

Brand New – Sowing Season (from the album The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me)
The video is from a live performance so you maybe want to follow the album link to spotify instead. Make sure to watch the first two minutes – when the band kicks in there’s a great guitar line that everything is built up on – just magical.

Saosin – Voices (from the album Saosin)

Floria Georgia Line – Cruise (from the album Here’s to the Good Times… This is how we Roll)
Country Pop in Half-Time Shuffle, 4×4 trucks, Nelly – all you need to know…

La Roux – Uptight Downtown (from the album Trouble in Paradise)
But… that’s… kind of 80ish pop music…
Yes indeed, but it’s fun!

Reigning Sound – Never coming home (from the album Shattered)
Great old sound, lots of songs about love.

Steve Harris – This is my God (from the album British Lion)
Steve Harris? The name rings a bell? Right, he’s the bass player for Iron Maiden. This is his solo effort, quite neat.

Dream the Electric Sheep – Heretics
Usually this is a much too spheric album for me. I think it’s the bony bass guitar sound that holds it together. Vocals sound a bit like Kenny from Karnivool, I detect some Beatles in there, as well. It’s easy listening but nice…