Calendar Week 31

An interesting week, no less. All in all in was about research and then drawing conclusions. In other words, trying to float very high above and then determining the right questions. Not the ones fitting to answers we had or thought were correct, but ones which would genuinely have to be answered. Once we did that and had answers, we had to focus and refocus to draw conclusions. New conclusions actually. I think we asked good questions and hope we drew the correct conclusions. Good thing is we had help, too.

Lego Feuerwehr Drehleiterwagen

In other news, I got schooled once more by the mind of an almost-four-year-old. The briefing was fire ladder truck with two seat rows. I had it all pretty much figured out in my head when the briefing changed: there was need for a trailer for the other fire truck. And later a second trailer. Thinking out of the box suddenly gets real.

Finally, I finished setting up my new work computer. Doing this twice in a two months span really enables you to take stock in what you need on your laptop and how you need it. Kind of like moving twice in a two year span. All those apps I only used once are gone, even the one I used twice 😉 Files I only carry from machine to machine but which haven’t been looked at in 10 years were back-upped properly. Clean sheets, all around.