Review: Bret Michaels – Custom Built

Ok, let me be honest about it: I love Poison’s Flesh & Blood. It is one of the albums that has influenced me and my guitar playing most and I have listened to it countless times and still do. Poison after that has ups and downs, mostly downs though.

Michael’s latest solo effort is… an effort. Don’t buy it. Notable (not for the songs) are the Everlast cover What I got, a weak ‘country’ version of Every Rose has its Thorn and the duet with Miley Cyrus. However, the record just sounds bad. Weak songs with bad sound – a bad combination. Basically, every time there is electric guitar with distortion involved, the sound turns into muck. Yuck. Poor, poor, mixing. It doesn’t help that there is an industrial number as well as a tune that sounds a lot like Hollyweird from the last original Poison release of the same name.

I wish the man all the best and if I could go back to 1999 I’d go to the see the band when I had a chance. But this record won’t get much play on my system.