iTunes 9 Killer-Feature: Comments on podcasts

In yet another revolution, Apple grabs “podcasts” forever with integrated comments.
Whether you call it ‘podcast’, ‘vidcast’, ‘vlog’  or video show, Apple one-upped competing podcathers with one new feature in iTunes 10. Publishers can now connect their blogs with the iTunes Store and let the audience comment from iTunes, without them ever having to visit the publishers site.

Research has shown that a lot of podcast viewers still do so at their computers. Now they won’t even have to leave the iTunes application to interact with the content providers. They can input their comments with email-address, name and text in iTunes and the information is automatically transferred to podcasts publishing site. It works the other way round, too, with iTunes being able to pull in the already present comments to a certain podcast episode, thus enabling a dialogue often lost.

//Well this is made up, iTunes 9 probably will not feature this feature. It is, however, a statement I gave in an interview at the Techcrunch Berlin MeetUp last year which unfortunately was never published. I still think it would be a killer feature, being huge for Apple directly of course, but also able to kick podcast interaction into new spheres.