Review: Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth

So, Van Halen has a new record out, some 13 years after Van Halen III. I am not a Van Halen super fan, I like 5150, OU812 and the one with Poundcake on it. And I wasn’t too thrilled after news got out that most of the songs came from the vault and came of pre-1975 demos. And after  two listens I thought Tattoo, the first single was flat. But… Big But:

I love the new album. Tattoo gets better and better and has just the right tempo. The second track She’s the Woman not only showcases the classic Alex Van Halen drum sound but what’s more a second snare stroke in the down beat that is just irresistible for me not to like. Almost like Foo Fighter’s My Hero a bit faster. The album continues like that, catchy riffs by Eddie, lots of syncopation, great backing vocals in the chorus. There is even the obligatory oriental riff with a killer guitar line reminding me of Nuno’s deep bendy vibe in the Hip Today verse. All in all a great rock’n’roll record with the chance to stay in rotation for a while.

8 of 10