Social Media Vacation thoughts

So last Friday I left for Jerusalem, intending to skip email and just be sending signals, not following Techcrunch, RSS etc. So I was just doing social media stuff “privately” for the lack of a better word. No professional afterthoughts. Here is what I noticed:

I used Twitter only to say “hi I am there” and the occasional update for my boss who is not on the plattform I mainly used: Facebook. It wasn’t so much about being online because I always am, but I was really sharing selected things with my Facebook friends, enjoying the feedback. Highly interactive and since with the current user growth, more and more of my friends from all sides of live are on Facebook, very rewarding, in a sense. Heck, I even started to organize my friends into groups and checking some way more often than the “usual” web suspects. (that part was done prior to the vacation, not during)

So, disconnecting from web crowd lead to re-connecting with old friends, using the tools of the prior. It feels good to actually JUST use the stuff and experience it first hand instead of pontificating the next big thing and stick-and-stacking the label from one service to the next. By doing that, got the sense (to go back to pontificating) that Twitter and Facebook will get along just fine for a long time. One service for the real-time news, the other for the actual representation of the social graph.