NHL Play-offs 2009: my predictions for round 1

In case you care: the following are the tipps I just entered in the eishockey.com online pool, for the 10th year in a row I think…

Ducks – Sharks: 2-4
A Scott Niedermeyer on a roll is not enough, the Sharks just have too much against it.

Blue Jackets – Red Wings: 0-4
Let’s call a spade a spade. Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part, but the Blue Jackets are first-timers and just not as good. Hard games, one-goal games. But still.

Blues – Canucks: 1-4
See above, but I think the Mason will steal one for the Blues. I am not a big Sundin fan but it will be Luongo carrying this team to the next round.

Flames – Blackhawks: 4-2
Upset, because the Bulin Wall won’t be enough. Maybe they go down 0-1 and 1-2, but in the end experience should persevere.

Canadiens – Bruins: 1-4
Just a feeling. No 5th gear the Habs can shift into.

Rangers – Capitals: 2-4
How I wish the Rangers would win this, but Gomez was never a superstar and Drury didn’t carry the teams on his own. He came through, but I think this is too hard. The dead line acquisitions, I don’t know. Maybe it does work. But the Caps are really strong, payed their dues last year and are destined for more.

Hurricanes – Devils: 2-4
Again, I wish Shanahan would get another shot, but he chose location over chances. Normally I don’t bet against Brodeur, but I think the long pause might have hurt his play.

Flyers – Penguins: 2-4
I see the problem in Philly’s goal and the strength in Pittsburgh’s middle. Defensively, both are no Red Wings defense.