Google Music Beta on the iPhone

Chances are that Apple won’t approve an app for Google Music as it would directly compete with their on iCloud offering. But the webversion works just fine, no flash, and all the music…

And if you’re wondering, login to Google was easy. Buffering took some time but I have a shitty wi-fi connection. After the load, play was uninterrupted. Worth noting, play continued in the background when I switched to other apps.
Update: I just noticed, you can start and stop the music with the remote of your headphones as well!

Review: Mr. Big – What if?

I remember sitting in a Paul Gilbert guitar clinic and one of the attendees asking “why do all your records open with the best song and then kind of, well, dwindle down?” This must have been after Bump Ahead and the guy was referring to Colorado Bulldog, Daddy, Brother, Lover and little Boy, and Addicted to that Rush. Well, this isn’t such a record.

Yes, I am a Mr. Big fan. Although I have only seen them live once unfortunately, I have seen the VHS (!) of Live in San Francisco about 100 times and have all their albums, including Raw like Sushi 1-24, the Richie Kotzen ‘effort’ and the Hard Rock Cafe gig. What do you expect, I play guitar and love Paul Gilbert (have all his solo records, too). I am pointing this out, because I think I had pretty high expectations.

One big how-could-you up front: How can you release an album in Japan and wait for the rest of the world for weeks in this day and age? Sure I’ll pay for the limited physical edition of the album when it comes out. Gladly. Thanks for all the memories. But would I not be looking on the torrents for the Japan release to bridge the wait? Well, sure you’ll understand that I cannot answer that.

That out of the way, here comes the actual review:
The opener Undertow is awesome and features a guitar solo that epitomizes how Paul Gilbert has evolved his guitar playing over the year, unlike for example John Petrucci who until the last release Black Cloud and Silver Lining had no solo I want to immediately learn how to play since almost Metropolix Pt. 2. And What if? continues that way. They get the ballad out of the way early, but it is the “rock album” sound that carries all the way to the final track. Solid base, solid drums, solid songwriting. One could argue that Mr. Big songs are not as fast as they used to be, but that case could be made for everything from Bump Ahead on. They were never a metal band but a rock band with exceptionally talented musicians, a fact which they do prove time and again on this album. So in conclusion, this is a great rock album, not just for fans.

Update: Read this review on, too, it’s worth it. Billy Sheehan thinks so as well.

Review: Jack Johnson – To the Sea

I am an old-school Jack Johnson listener, meaning I mainly listen to Brushfire Fairytales and On and On. The kids record and Sleep through the static not so much.
To the Sea feels like the direction is more with the old stuff, however, with a more refined instrumentation. There is an ever present piano/keyboard in the rhythm section and you’ll hear electric guitar solos. Song structures and melodies remind me of the early stuff though. I like this combination and enjoy listening to the record.