Old Vine in new bottles or the one that will stick?

Somewhere the makers of 12seconds, Cinemagram and lightt are either saying “damn, that’s our idea” or “we should have less features and easier UI” or “that’s basically exactly what we did”. They are scratching their heads about what they could have done better to achieve the seemingly overnight success Twitter-owned app Vine is now experiencing, after all, all these products tap into the shift to mobile that video is in the middle of. And let’s not forget that flickr in pre-Marissa Mayer had a similar format plus scale.

Vine is the hot app these days after front page placement in the Apple store only to be called out for leaving the door wide open for pornography. It certainly opens the door for another set of creatives and it won’t be long until other brands will follow as my former colleague Daniel now at Attention US points out in his post.

And the flow IS really fascinating to watch as the Cyborgology blog points us to Vinepeek where you can see Vine after Vine and hypnotize yourself. Please let’s try very hard and not ask the question whether we need just another format.

Rather let’s debate whether this time around the format will stick. Have a look at this Vine blog post, citing Vines from the Brooklyn Nets, Paul McCartney, Tyra Banks and my other high profile accounts. And then consider that Vine is already Twitter-owned and the way Vine is integrated in the Twitter Card layout is  just so nice that I can’t help but think: ‘another revenue stream’! Again, add the scale which aside from flickr the companies mentioned in the first paragraph didn’t have, and the network distribution effect (which flickr did NOT have) and Vine looks like a pretty good bet to me. What do you think?