Letter to Jeff Bezos

Dear Jeff,
I have been an Amazon customer since 1999. Since when there was no shipping fee til now, where Amazon Prime makes life easier and no doubt increases your revenue.

Although many of the solutions you have offered are quite superb and make shopping at Amazon fun and special there are three points leave me scratching my head.

– Why is it that I have an account with Amazon.de (since I live in Germany) and one with Amazon.com (for a long time, for the catalogue and now Kindle titles of course), and the two apparently don’t know each other?
Two wishlists and recommendations which are totally messed up, suggesting titles in the German store that I already purchased with the .com account, and the other way round. Shouldn’t the accounts be synced, even merged, at least from a content perspective? Shouldn’t one learn from the other?

– Oh, the recommendation engine. Often lauded as one of the keys to Amazon’s success. However, over the years it has brought me frustration more than once. And I tried to make it smarter by going through pages and pages of suggested titles, too! Example: I told the system that I have read all the Jack Reacher novels, but still it offers me the UK export title for each one. Don’t need them.
Example: One remotely erotic book 6 years ago and I still get recommendations in that area: The system needs to learn better, and that includes forgetting!
Plus the not-synced recommendations from point #1.

– Kindle export: Why do I have to Google this and do it from the web? Shouldn’t me Kindle app simply have a “sent to mail”-feature, sending the highlights to the registered email-address?

Just wondering if other Amazon customers maybe feel the same pains and whether you plan on fixing any of these issues.

Warm regards