Review: Walter Isaacson – Steve Jobs, a biography

Oh my. How painful it is to read this book and think “what could have been”. Here you have a guy that has amazing access to the man Steve Jobs and then he writes a turd of a book. I remember reading Gruber’s review in February and thinking “it can’t be that bad”… Well I hate to say it, it is bad.

1. It was either a bad decision to put so little passion in this book or it is just bad writing. It reads not written a guy having amazing access but like a homework assignment. “I have to cover this, this, this and that. Done.”

2. Never have I been bothered as much by shitty structuring as in this book (or it is just bad writing). First he tries chronological, later topical, then mixes both approaches. WTF. Loads of approaches possible but this mixtures leaves the reader scratching his head wondering, “what does this have to do with the chapter I just read?”

3. The book has 5oosomething pages. I am not saying it should be shorter, but how about focusing not so much on the know parts of Steve Jobs’ life but instead delving deeper into the heart of his design sense or no-compromise-attitude? Or following up on a question like you mean it. Jobs went to India and read an Autobiography of a Yogi? Good, thank you. NOT. What are the main points of that book, what were Jobs’ key take-aways?

This book is a summary, nothing more. Unfortunately. What a wasted chance.