Reality check for Facebook please: you don’t play an important role in people’s lives

In the past weeks I have become more and more alienated with Facebook, predominantly due to the piss-poor “friends”-management settings the new release has. Piss-poor. There is still a rant coming on that.

Fast forward to todays story in the Silicon Alley Insider about Facebook’s history and more. Asked to comment on certain allegations Facebook gave a pr-speak comment which ended like this:

The unquestioned fact is that since leaving Harvard for Silicon Valley nearly six years ago, Mark has led Facebook’s growth from a college website to a global service playing an important role in the lives of over 400 million people.

Really? Facebook plays an important role in our lives? I’d argue that the people the software connects play an important role, not the darn software. For all I care I’d be using the phone to keep contact which would probably better resemble the actual number of friends, not this inflated thing which came to be because everybody who you said ‘hi’ to has nothing better to do than become your friend.

Facebook plays absolutely no important role in my live. My family does. Close friends do. Get a grip, people.