Second opinion from “PR-Blogger”

German PR-blogger Klaus Eck confirms my point, quoting a post by Nico on Lummaland concerning advertising on weblogs. According to Nico advertisers are hesitant because they do not understand how weblogs work and how they differ from the cyberspace garbage leftover by mass homepages provided by Geocities. Not so much the unpredictability but the click-rate will be the measuring stick. If the click-rate is high enough than consultants will acknowledge blogs. Klaus predicts that marketing will follow PR soon after.

I think this ties in nicely with my answer to Neville‘s question in an earlier post today. Europe needs numbers.

Let me clarify

I just listened to the introductions of for immediate release #18 and would like to clarify my point. I am afraid I was imprecise again in my comments. I answered Neville’s question “Is the business community in Europe not receptive?” (of blogs etc.) “They don’t know what it does?” What I meant is this: They don’t know how what consequences will stem from blogging. In uncertain times customers (of PR agencies) would like to know about reactions, reach and ROI in advance. However, this is hard to chart just now and until it is predictable, people are silently observing (collecting data at best). In addition, communicators often seem to be very secretive about their tricks, not communication at all.

Joining the discussion

I am starting planet sab to talk about PR. Pö, my other blog is in German which excludes a number of people I would like to establish a dialogue with. There will be German on planet sab as well, but most likely I’ll offer translations. In addidition, planet sab has a more international URL. There will be more as the night procedes.