Leseliste 2015

This year I will just list the ones I read, not a want to read list.

  1. Zakk Wylde – Brining metal to the children, Kindle for iPhone, dnf
  2. Joe Perry: Rocks – My life in and out of Aerosmith, Kindle for iPhone
  3. David Baldacci – Zero Day, Kindle for iPhone
  4. David Baldacci – The Forgotten, Kindle for iPhone
  5. David Baldacci – The Escape, Kindle for iPhone
  6. Osho – Creativity: Unleashing the forces within
  7. Cormac Mc Carthy – The Border Trilogy Pt1, Kindle for iPhone
  8. Lee Child – Make me, Kindle for iPhone
  9. André Agassi – Open, Kindle for iPhone
  10. John Strelecky – The Big Five for Life
  11. Ken Blanchard/Sheldon Bowles – Gung Ho
  12. Clayton Christensen – The Innovator’s Dilemma
  13. Michael Kirchhoff – Machtspiele+
  14. Wallace Stegner – Angle of Repose+*
  15. Randy Blythe – Dark Days, Kindle for iPhone+


+=reading now
dnf=did not finish