Leseliste 2012

Shortlist for 2012, see this article for background.

  1. PLI/Abby Marks Beale – 10 Days to faster Reading (November)
  2. Georg Franck – Die Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit
  3. Thomas Klupp – Paradiso
  4. Nick Hornby – Juliet Naked
  5. Siri Hustvest – Enchantment of Lily Dahl
  6. Chris Brogan/Julien Smith – Trust Agents
  7. Jack Falla – Home Ice (April)
  8. Minette Walters – The Breaker, dnf
  9. O’Reilly – Your Brain: The Missing Manual
  10. Charles Frazier – Thirteen Moons
  11. Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird (*)
  12. Hanif Kureishi – The Buddha of Suburbia
  13. Richard Powers – Generosity
  14. Charles Bukowski – Ham on Rye
  15. Chip & Dan Heath – Switch
  16. Steven Levy – In the Plex
  17. Walther Isaacson – Steve Jobs Biography (May)
  18. Eric Ries – The Lean Startup (April, Kindle for iPhone, Notes)
  19. Thomas Pletzinger – Gentlemen, wir leben am Abgrund (March, Kindle for iPhone)
  20. David Halberstam – Playing for keeps (May)
  21. Jonathan Lethem – Chronic City
  22. Don DeLillo – Underworld
  23. Gavin Menzies – 1421
  24. Jostein Gaardner – Sophie’s World
  25. Andreas Eschbach – Eine Billion Dollar (July)
  26. Jaron Lanier – You’re not a gadget
  27. Lee Child – A Wanted Man (September)
  28. Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Der Schwarze Schwan, dnf
  29. Howard Jacobson – No more Mr. Nice Guy (January)
  30. James Altucher – I was Blind but now I See (January, Kindle for iPhone)
  31. Tom Peters – Re-Imagine
  32. ———————————————–

  33. Les McKeown – Predictable Success (February, Kindle for iPhone, Notizen)
  34. Marc Cuban – How to win at the sport of business (January, Kindle for iPhone, Notizen)
  35. Julien Smith – the Flinch (January, Kindle for iPhone, Notizen)
  36. Kevin Smith – Tough Shit (June, Kindle for iPhone, Notes)
  37. Peter Coughter – The Art of the Pitch (July)
  38. Nikki Sixx – The Heroine Diaries (September, Kindle for iPhone)
  39. E.L. James – Fifty Shades of Grey (August, Kindle for iPhone)
  40. Michael Lewis – The Big Short (August)
  41. Sammy Hagar – Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock(June, Kindle for iPhone)
  42. Keith Richards – Life (November)
  43. C. C. Chapman – Amazing Things Will Happen (December, Kindle for iPhone)
  44. Richard Branson – Like a Virgin (December, Kindle for iPhone) dnf
  45. Maximilian Buddenbohm – Das Rosinenbrötchen oder ‘es ist alles nur eine Phase’ (December)

+=reading now
dnf=did not finish

Well, some readers have asked about reviews. I am not going to manage one for each book but maybe one-liners…
10 Days to faster reading: It took me almost 10 months. Why? Because it got boring after a while and I did make as much progress. There are some basic concepts though that did increase speed.
Home Ice: Great anecdotes on the sport of hockey.
Steve Jobs bio: missed opportunity
Eric Ries: Really great insights, highly recommended.
Gentlemen wir leben am Abrund: Review.
Halberstam: Playing for keeps. Great read, Halberstam is a great writer.
Eschbach: Ich mag das Buch, auch wenn mich das Ende jedes Mal enttäuscht.
Altucher: A wee bit overrated, a bit too much fluff.
Predictable Success: Very interesting concept, going to read the follow-up in 2013.
Cuban: I actually don’t remember it :-/
The Flinch: good but I liked Chapman better.
Tough shit: short but too long after the initial story
Art of the Pitch: highly recommended, great anecdotes and also some sensible advice
Heroine Diaries: loved it
Fifty Shades of Grey: read it, get over it.
Big Short: loved it, going to read more be Lewis.
Sammy Hagar: interesting life, no doubt.
Keith Richards big: never listened to the Stones before, will do now
Amazing thing will happen: loved it
Rosinenbrötchen: wahrscheinlich noch lustiger, wenn man das Blog nicht kennt, aber es war für viele U-Bahnfahrer wohl sehr lustig, mir beim Lesen zu zu schauen