Google Music Beta on the iPhone

Chances are that Apple won’t approve an app for Google Music as it would directly compete with their on iCloud offering. But the webversion works just fine, no flash, and all the music…

And if you’re wondering, login to Google was easy. Buffering took some time but I have a shitty wi-fi connection. After the load, play was uninterrupted. Worth noting, play continued in the background when I switched to other apps.
Update: I just noticed, you can start and stop the music with the remote of your headphones as well!

Not everybody’s friend: contact policy

Two things made me write this post, first the amount of friends request and the type which consume a lot of time lately, and recent great posts and videos by Mr. Gray, Mrs. Barone and KommonKraft:

Here is how I decide whether to be your friend on any platform (except Twitter, I’ll get to that in a sec).
If I don’t know you, I won’t be your friend. Yes, even on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if we have 137 friends in common, if I have never heard of you, I’ll ignore you. Why? Just because. I actually like to use the service, not just boast my numbers.

On Twitter, I am a bit more flexible. If you have no URL and no bio your out, but otherwise I’ll check your blog and read some tweets. If I like it, you’re in, at least until the monthly follower management session 😉 And to be honest, my current follower/follwing ratio will only increase.
But don’t be heartbroken, plenty of other people are eager to read you increase their numbers by following you.

Authority on Twitter: Based on what?

The topic of the weekend is Loic LeMeur’s call for “search by authority” which people like or dislike. Arrington today put this down as a simple feature request, namely being able to sort twitter search-results by number of followers/following/# of tweets. I think most people have no trouble with the latter, but are hung up on calling this “authority”.

I agree for once with Robert Scoble that the metric is highly game-able. However, even if not, I wouldn’t all a mix of “followers/following/# of tweets” authority: The beauty of twitter is that there is a bunch of data out there, but the usage you derive from it is completely up to your behaviour.

Whom you follow, what do you track, how do you tweet. Not without thinking people have decided to have groups with tweets by @arrington, @jowyang, @scobleizer and @stevegillmor in one subset, another with @wayne_gretzky, @eklund and @thehockeycardshow. A CEO might have a lot to say, but only choose to follow @dbfarber, @rands, @cc_chapman and @stevepavlina. Where does that put his authority? In my view this contradicts the notion that it is not important how many readers a blog has, but who reads it.

Sure, a search results page with the “followers/following/# of tweets” would help you get a first impression. But does that help you? Lately, many people have added me who have loads of followers. But I have never heard of them. That is not a bad thing, but there is no trust based on numbers, and to me, authority has something to do with trust!


How reporting is changing

I am loving it, and I bet John Buccigross too. With the adventthepresence of video content, reporting can evolve and is evolving. In a recent column on, one of my favorite NHL writers, John Buccigross, gave a detailed account of how Phil Kessel scored a goal, and how he (Bucci) thought that was an outstanding moment of that game.

With the Bruins on the power play in the second period, winger/menace Milan Lucic
won a race for the puck along the boards and made a nice little
backhand pass to a trailing Kessel, who suddenly was like a solitary
man on a frozen Wisconsin lake. Kessel is a human monorail. When he is
low to the ice with his back bent and his skates far apart, it’s as if
he is straddling and avoiding a sidewalk filled with thumbtacks.

took the pass with his momentum surging forward. After he took the
pass, his head immediately came up to search for some twine behind
Miller. Kessel never took his eyes off the net as he braced all of his
195 pounds on his right skate and his blade glided over the paint of
the faceoff circle. Kessel gave a little pump with his airborne left
leg and wired in what had to be an 80 miles per hour wrist shot. (J. Buccigross, October 11, 2008)

The thing that stood out in contrast to reporting from two years ago though, was a link to a video, enabling the reader to watch the moment and then read on. Sounds like not a big deal, but it is. As much trouble as “old media” outlets have adapting to the current era of information flow, one should sit back, relax and enjoy, when they mix the new with the old, empowering well-written texts with loads of resources and experience – and in this case video.

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Follow-up on revver

The other day I wrote about my revver issues. Somebody was kind enough to respond, but after my follow-up comment all I am getting is silence. Instead something has happened on the technical side of the game. Feed-burner tells me I am still having over 7k downloads per day, however, stats for the latest episode on the revver site show merely 137 views.
And I checked, in the meantime there has been no message on either payment info or change of statistical analysis.
After reading Kent Nichols account of how the Ninja left revver (Thanks Tim), I am thinking (more like a communcations consultant) that one might just have to track not only clients and topics/companies related to them, but also services one likes to use. What do you think?