Vaynerchuk hits home run

You have to give the man credit for a great idea. As far as podcasts go, this might actually a better concept than
Endless topics, cheap to produce, suspense, give-aways. Scalable to a network with all the sports out there. And lots of niches, too, I might just start a show on my Shanahan card and jersey collection.
I agree that the video space is wide open, dying for content to replace traditional tv programming.

2 thoughts about

I recently unsubscribed from Scobleizer TV because I realized I was only watching every 10th show. Only the ones that were kick-ass and which people had pointed me to. I am still watching though, but it’s not always easy. Two key-observations – and Robert, of course I still love what you are doing.

1. I understand that this is a Fast Company program, aimed at managers. However, it feels like you are straining to fit into the suit you are wearing. What made your Channel 9 shows special can’t get through here, you don’t seem to be as free a spirit as usual. Therefore, your questions are sometimes not as good as they used to be, it seems like you are not letting your mind wander enough.

2. Loren Feldman is right, Shel Israel, I am sorry, should not be on this show. (and I am not even sorry to take Loren’s position on this)
Watch the show with Tim Ferris or better, with Michel Azar and Gary Koelling from Best Buy. Actually, better don’t. How unprepared can you be? How uninspired and uninterested? In the latter show, Shel has to make a real effort to rememberread the guests names and in the Tim Ferris show it became obvious that he didn’t remember much of what can’t possible be more than a one-page abstract.

I am not sure that I remember correctly but the last three episodes without Shel would prove my recollection that Shel will no longer be on the show. I think this is a good move. And of course, I now have to go and watch Scobleizer TV about Evernote, which also works on my new iPhone

YouTube Insight launched – more information about your videos

Via Techmeme came the story in the Official Google Blog:
YouTube insight is launched, basically enabling you to see when your videos hat traffic spikes, popularity spikes and where the audience is located.

The above screenshot is from a video with close to 3k views, I think my highest apart from the Speaking English Podcast series. In the left graph you can see views for March this year. I especially like the little slider which lets me choose the time period I want to look at – combined with the simple choices of length of the period (top left corner in the screenshot below) it is much slicker than the usual calendar or pull-down menus on other sites.

Very nice solution, now I have to think of a practical application.

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Steve Jobs’ Keynote in 60 seconds courtesy of Mahalo Daily

What a great idea by the Mahalo Daily team, editing Steve Jobs’ MacWorld Keynote down to 60 seconds. Informative and funny. And did I mention the sharing features of the MD player rock too?

I am still going to watch the whole thing, but Mahalo Daily just erased the urgency.

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