Copyright thoughts

A while back Chris Pirillo had Mike Arrington of TechCrunch on his show and he got in a little rant about his usage of bittorrent. That got me thinking. It is legal for me to copy a CD for privat usage, as a back-up e.g. for the car. So I could either make a copy, rip it to MP3 for my iPod or just download it for example from bittorrent.
What about film? When everybody used to have VHS you could tape something from TV for personal use. Today, you would record it with your TiVo or other HD recording system. Wouldn’t that mean you could download anything that has been on TV  because you could have recorded it while it was broadcast?
I have a German pay TV station and am paying for that. Shouldn’t the station just offer me a web connection and let me download the programm?
Puzzling. Marc Cuban, educate the average media consumer.

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Madonna and Harry Potter exclusive on iTMS

I think the most important bit of yesterdays Apple announcement is the fact that Madonna’s complete work and Harry Potter audio books are sold exclusively on the iTunesMusicStore. It will make iTMS appealing to an even greater audience, locking its position as market leader. And of course it will increase Apple’s (iTMS’s) standing within the music industy. Madonna is exclusively on iTMS. It will prove as an example for other artists I am sure. First U2, now Madonna. Who’ll be next?