4 musical videos, February 2014

Another edition of stuff I found on YouTube which I thought you might appreciate.

1. I love a certain from of country music. This song came via Joe Bonnamassa on Twitter. A simple song with great atmosphere.

2. For a long time I have been fan of the interview format in longform, be it This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis or Foundation with Kevin Rose. In this instance, Kevin hosts David Copperfield, who seems nice and has a couple of good stories.

3. Dream Theater, well, you know the drill. But wait, this guy plays Take the Time on an acoustic guitar, and if you are familiar with the piece you will be impressed by how far he takes it.

4. Marco Minnemann was one of 7 drummers to be invited to the auditions when Dream Theater had to fill the void left by drummer Mike Portnoy leaving. A rare glimpse behind the curtain. Almost like Hollywood.

5. One of the best musicians bio’s I have read so far, Duff McKagan. Here’s a video where he discusses it with Rolling Stone mainstay David Fricke.