4 musical videos, January 2014

Lately I seem to spend a lot of time on YouTube. A. Lot. of. Time.
The amount of videos there that interests me is ridiculous but of course, I don’t have enough time. Just a very long “watch later” list.
But why should I alone have all the fun – here are the gems I found in January, from a musicians point of view of course.

1.Foo Fighters on recording “Wasting Light” at Dave Grohl’s house
The question was “what can we make different in recording this new album”. Fascinating. Sure it’s easy to go easy about a new album when you have millions in the bank but you still have to get the creative juices flowing in the right direction. Mission accomplished.

2. Guthrie Govan on Dunlop TV
I didn’t know about this guy until two years ago and he quickly came to be one of my favorite players. For one thing, he’s British, not only with the accent but also with a superb sense of humor, I could just listen to him talk for hours. On the other hand, he merges lots of playing styles with a level of fluidity that most guys are happy to reach in one style. This is just a peak, lots more to find.

3. Backyard Concert with Jason Mraz
All I knew was “I’m yours” but for some reason this clip made it into my watch later list. I watched about an hour of it and although it’s just him with a guitar on a makeshift stage I had the greatest time. He sings great, very witty, totally cool about the situation and being just a nice dude.

4. Rig Rundown – Aerosmith’s Joe Perry
Rig rundowns are fun. Basically a well-known guitarist explains his live setup, or as in this case, his guitar tech. Perry’s tech has a lot of work to do each night, I chose this rundown for that. For the curious: He does the switching, or Perry does, or not. The many guitars Perry takes with him may be for certain songs, but maybe not. At moments notice. This tech isn’t just tuning the guitars during the show, he works about as hard as Perry in my opinion…