My Ibanez Jem 555 switch-job: out with the Lo-TRS II – in with an original Floyd Rose Tremolo as replacement

So, about 8 weeks ago I saw a used Ibanez Jem 555 in my music shop and as luck would have it I was actually looking to buy one.
It looked old, had some stains on the hardware and the original Lo-TRS II tremolo didn’t stay in tune face with ‘regular’ abuse, but it played like a dream and the sound was overtone-rich even without amplification, the neck resonating beautifully with the body.
The status of the trem wasn’t enough for my playing though so after I bought it I immediately researched options on there was a Dremel solution to make an Edge tremolo fit but I wasn’t kidding myself to believe I had the skills to do this mod. However, an Original Floyd Rose supposedly was just a swap, out with the old, in with the new. Not thinking much further I went on ebay and bought one.

Out with the old was not a problem and I took the opportunity to clean it too…

As you can see: quite some use on the old parts, the edges jaded very bad, no wonder it didn’t stay in tune.



Putting in new strings with no springs and then noticing that my new strings had higher pull than the previous ones took some adjustments and time (as you probably have figured out: I am not a pro guitar tech) but the end result is worth it. The new all black block looks great, stays perfectly in tune, and sounds great as well: