2013 preview: 3 words and other thoughts

Well, I don’t think I had words for 2012 but in hindsight the key topics were music, family and work – I’ll explain briefly below.

2013 looks great so far and my three words are as follows (other people’s words: Mitch Joel, C.C. Chapman, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, and if you look in the comments of these posts you can find a lot more):

Momentum: There are a couple of things/projects right now on the cusp of either launch or already proving to be very rewarding for me, starting with a new job. I need to continue working on them, cutting unnecessary clutter or projects which are weighing heavily or slowing down.

Breathe: I had ‘breathe’ as my main and first word when I started mapping this out. I need to continue to find breaks of ‘me’-time, catch my breath, listen to my surroundings,  ideally meditate, be patient and take care of my health, too.

Play: Music has been the catalyst of last year for sure (see below) and it has to continue to be as it pulls the other two words into one. New songs have come for the first time in many years and I wan to build on that.


In 2012, I was very busy work-wise but left that position after the summer holidays and really took my time to find a new fit. It was hard at times to be patient but I think it will pay off wonderfully.
Being out of work left me with time to be with my wife and children and tackle different projects like cleaning out the basement, putting up rabbit wire. And time to reflect the last 12 years of working in PR and advertising, goals and myself which was a good thing.
Finally music. I found a new band in which I play bass and got to go back on stage after a 18 year hiatus and we’re playing regularly and it is loads of fun. It is a test too, scrambling to get to three hours worth of music in my head and trying to fit in playing in a nightclub with a working day schedule.