State of Blogging 2011

Well, here we go, another year, another tool du jour. Remember when you just had a blog? Then came another, then tumblr, then a posterous. Pretty soon you’ll see people replace their links with quora and then back the personalized twitter homepages and then just their main domain again because we are going retro.

Oh well, no predictions from me this year. I think I’ll keep it as it is now after the latest change. There’ll be books, music, hockey, personal updates, links to my own stuff and the video blog here. The posts on PR, marketing, advertising, new tools etc. will go on the WBN:DIGITAL blog because that is what I am betting on this year, and one of these days it will get ranked in, just as this blog was.

I plan to give away some ideas, continue to be transparent about my work and passions and 2011 will definitely be another growth year for the Speaking English Podcast. Last years small budget was well spent and I’ll keep calling it the most watched video show nobody talks about.

As 2010 showed, this blog is not real-time. Where I am, what I am up to is pretty much out there, but I keep my Facebook pretty closed, I hope you can live with that. If not, sorry, but I am not going to change it.