Preview 2010: The Reading

I just updated my Twitter background image to this years shelf. In other words from one pile (list)
to a new pile.

  1. Sir Richard Branson – Business Stripped Bare (Kindle for iPhone)
  2. David Foster Wallace – Infinite Jest
  3. Paul Auster – Invisible
  4. PLI/Abby Marks Beale – 10 Days to faster Reading
  5. David Baldacci – Simple Genius
  6. Paul Auster – Oracle Night
  7. Dan Ariely – Predictably Irrational
  8. Wallace Stegner – Crossing to Safety
  9. Halberstam – The Best and the Brightest
  10. Tara Hunt – The Whuffie Factor
  11. Jasper Fforde – Eyre Affair
  12. Georg Franck – Die Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit
  13. Thomas Klupp – Paradiso
  14. Nick Hornby – Juliet Naked
  15. W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne – Blue Ocean Strategy
  16. Siri Hustvest – Enchantment of Lily Dahl
  17. Chris Brogan/Julien Smith – Trust Agents
  18. Peter Carey – My life as a fake
  19. Mark Twain – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  20. Amoz Oz – A Tale of Love and Darkness
  21. Peter Drucker – The Practice of Management
  22. Jack Falla – Home Ice
  23. Dan Tapscott – Wikinomics
  24. Sten Nadolny – Discovery of Slowliness
  25. Minette Walters – The Breaker
  26. Ken Follett – Pillars of the Earth
  27. O’Reilly – Your Brain: The Missing Manual
  28. Charles Frazier – Thirteen Moons
  29. Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird
  30. Hanif Kureishi – The Buddha of Suburbia
  31. Jonathan Safran Foer – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
  32. John Douglas – Inside the Mind of BTK

It’s a bit different from last year though since quite a lot of books are of the “I really should”-category as a result of simple space issues. You see, Where last years shelf was now is this:

The kids needed more room. Hence I went for “better safe than sorry”. I predict that as last year, 10 books not yet on the list will get read, the new Jack Reacher paperback comes to mind or C.C. Chapman‘s book once it’s published. In addition, I am really curious to see how much reading on the iPhone increases not reading speed per se, but reading productivity.

Let’s get going.