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    […] In the Dip: Giving an idea away – Cell Phone ArtThen I bought old cell phones on ebay. People sell these in boxes. Before all that was one idea. Then there were more. Not a thousand, but about 1o. Enough to excite me. What happened? Time was one issue. … So please, you do Cell Phone Art. I haven’t seen it done. Take the first one, too, and redo it, make it better. (This one is called ‘uh-oh’, consists of 4 Nokia 5110 phones and is supposed be a play on the Teletubbies. But my mixing skills resulted in brown instead …  read more… […]

  • Out of mind vs. leaving on the side

    […] As I alter decisions, behavior, priorities now to reach goals by the end of the year, one thing becomes obvious which is not new, but hard to act on: When you decide to focus on one thing and not do another it is important to weigh on the future of what’s left behind. Are you putting it away for good? Then get rid of it. Don’t leave it on your list and shift it from page to page (or let Teuxdeux do it for you). Often it’s much healthier and has more impact on your productivity if you get rid of it. It will free you mind and lift the burden off your shoulders. Easy example? I had about three months of “brand eins”, an exceptional German business magazine, only partially read or brand new on a pile. Every time I moved the chair with that pile it stared at me, haunting me to act on it. Same as the cell phone art project. […]

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